Biocodex partnership skills

We select our partners for their expertise in their markets while sharing our knowledge of products and solutions. Thanks to our dedicated global and local teams, we provide support with marketing and medical strategies. Working alongside our partners, we ensure that local markets are always served in the best ways to meet every stakeholder’s needs.

What does it mean to partner with Biocodex?

Biocodex aims to:

  • Provide our partners with a reliable supply of quality products (most of which are manufactured by our own factories) as well as expert support for market access, marketing and medical activities.
  • Co-build successful local strategies tailored to specific markets and regulatory requirements
  • Cooperate to improve performance and reach ambitious objectives

Biocodex close to its partners

A comprehensive and entrepreneurial approach has enabled Biocodex to build a solid network of 74 partners and distributors in more than 80 countries. Our teams are organized to be as close as possible to our partners, with dedicated business, marketing, regulatory and sales experts in each of our regions (Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America, and Africa and the Middle East). Find out more about Biocodex’s international expansion here Our Development.

Biocodex and you

Biocodex teams are committed to strengthening existing partnerships as well as looking for new opportunities. We welcome new partners who are leaders in their markets and share our ambition of providing effective, safe and reliable health solutions worldwide.