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The Dravet Butterfly Effect

Biocodex campaign for Dravet Syndrome Awareness

For this 2024 Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day (DSAD), Biocodex is launching the Dravet Butterfly Effect campaign to raise awareness on this severe and rare form of epilepsy.

At Biocodex, we believe that the sum of small actions can make great outcomes and that’s why we will continue to work alongside the Dravet Syndrome (DS) community to provide solutions to ease the disease burden for patients and families.

What are the characteristics of Dravet Syndrome?

Dravet syndrome was characterized by Charlotte Dravet in 1978 as a form of pediatric epilepsy that tends to have a genetic basis, which entails several seizure types and comorbidities that significantly impact individuals throughout their lifetime.

Alongside the patients, the families are also greatly impacted by this condition as they need to become caregivers for their child (or sibling) and supported emotionally so they can maintain some sort of normalcy within the family and still be able to live life to its fullest.

Biocodex’s pledge for Dravet Syndrome?

Around 30 years ago, Dravet Syndrome (DS) was just a newly described disease. Being a very rare form of epilepsy without a cure, it didn’t have the same medical attention it has today. But, at the time, the teams within Biocodex identified that the greatest medical need was in the field of this type of refractory epilepsies in children and so they began their commitment toward the DS community.

Since then, Biocodex never stopped supporting patients with Dravet Syndrome by advancing science and care management and providing innovative products and services that lighten the burden of this devastating disease.

Discover Biocodex’s commitment with Caroline Schreiner, worldwide VP for Orphan Diseases at Biocodex.

There is still much to be done and we, at Biocodex, are committed to continue our work alongside the Dravet Syndrome community and to be a catalyst of all the stakeholders’ efforts!

Caroline Schreiner #DravetButterfly Effect

Raise awareness on Dravet Syndrome with us!

Because the sum of small actions can lead to great outcomes; our support, whatever shape or form, towards patients with DS and their families will matter.

Join us in supporting them and maximizing the scope of DSAD by:

  • Sharing one of our posts below
  • Or posting a butterfly effect, you’ve started as a caregiver or health professional that positively impacts today the life of a patient with DS.

Let’s unite for the DS community and create a collective butterfly effect!

For more information about this campaign, the Dravet syndrome and get to know how you can help and get involved, feel free to contact us.