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Orphan diseases

Biocodex develops and markets drugs for patients with severe orphan diseases. In the early 1990’s, our R&D center in Compiègne (France) found and developed an anti-epileptic drug indicated for a newly discovered rare and severe epileptic disorder: Dravet Syndrome. Since then, we have been committed to raising awareness on rare epilepsies alongside healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. Our aim is to provide effective, innovative products and services that help lighten the disease burden for patients and their families. Our ambition is to become the preferred trusted partner in rare epilepsies. Working alongside all the relevant stakeholders, Biocodex is committed to improving knowledge for an earlier diagnosis and optimal management of rare epilepsies.

Biocodex expertise in rare epilepsies

After receiving marketing authorization in Europe in 2007, Biocodex’s DIACOMIT® (stiripentol) has been approved in many countries around the world for the treatment of a severe form of epilepsy that starts in infancy: Dravet Syndrome.

DIACOMIT® is also distributed in many other countries through compassionate-use programs and is available in more than 55 countries.*

Since its launch, DIACOMIT® has supported more than 51, 000 patient-years of therapy*.

DIACOMIT® marketing expansion through the years
DIACOMIT® marketing expansion through the years

*Source: periodic benefit-risk evaluation report for active substance stiripentol from November-2019 to November-2020

Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day (DSAD)

The Biocodex teams are committed for Dravet Syndrome Awareness !

Because there is still much to be done to treat and accompany patients with DS, we are launching the Dravert Butterfly Effect campaign. This campaign allow us to pursue our work alongside the rare epilepsies community to raise awareness on DS, give more visibility to all the stakeholders and lighten the disease burden for patients and their families.

Discover the campaign and Biocodex’s plage here

Biocodex’s team commitment to supporting the orphan disease community

Building on this experience, Biocodex has developed a recognized expertise in pediatric neurology and set up a dedicated orphan diseases business unit. This team is cross-functional (encompassing medical, commercial, marketing, regulatory and market access expertise) and located in both Europe and USA.

In addition to developing our own products, we are pursuing long-term partnerships to distribute other innovative drugs, mainly in Europe. Our goal is to provide effective treatments for unmet medical needs.

Biocodex exclusive distributor for Kigabeq®

In 2021, Biocodex was granted the exclusive rights to distribute Kigabeq® (vigabatrin) in most European countries on behalf of Orphelia Pharma. This anti-epileptic drug is indicated for the treatment of a severe and rare epileptic disorder in children: West Syndrome.

Read the press release on our Kigabeq® distribution and marketing agreement.