Biocodex and Orphelia Pharma exclusive distribution and marketing agreement

Biocodex is expanding its portfolio of drugs for rare and serious pathologies in children

Press release

Kigabeq®, the first pediatric form of vigabatrin developed by ORPHELIA Pharma, is notably indicated in the treatment of infantile spasms (West syndrome). Kigabeq® is approved in Europe, where this medicine, intended exclusively for children, benefits from a centralized marketing authorization (Pediatric Use Marketing authorization, PUMA).

“We are very pleased to release this collaboration agreement with Biocodex”, says Hugues BIENAYME, Founder and CEO of ORPHELIA Pharma, “With their long-standing experience in the field of pediatric epilepsy, Biocodex is certainly the best partner for Kigabeq® distribution in Europe”.

“With Kigabeq®, the only pediatric presentation of vigabatrin, Biocodex is expanding its portfolio of drugs intended for rare and serious pathologies in children” adds Nicolas Coudurier, CEO of Biocodex, “ Kigabeq® and Diacomit® (stiripentol, developed and marketed by Biocodex) are two drugs which address unmet medical needs for young patients affected by severe and resistant to treatment epilepsies”.

“Our objective is to make Kigabeq® available to all European clinicians, so that children affected by West syndrome can benefit.” concludes Gilles ALBERICI, President of ORPHELIA Pharma, “Thanks to this agreement with Biocodex, Kigabeq® will soon be prescribed in most of the European territory.”