Biocodex signs a licensing agreement with My Health

The Biocodex Group strengthens its position in microbiota, with the signature of a licensing agreement with My Health, a Belgian biotech company specializing in microbiota solutions.

Press release

January 17th, 2024 – Biocodex, a French pharmaceutical group with expertise in microbiota, women’s health, orphan diseases, and My Health, a Belgian biotech company specializing in microbiota solutions, announce that they have signed a licensing agreement covering several countries in which the Biocodex Group operates, to market the DUOSPORE® dietary supplement.

My Health was founded in 2017 by Raf Dybajlo. In 2021, the company published a clinical study in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology on the efficacy of My Health’s proprietary strains, MY01 & MY02, in the treatment of functional dyspepsia (unexplained stomach complaints). The company has been marketing a range of probiotic food supplements whose formulas have been rigorously selected based on scientific data, in response to growing consumer demand for solutions to digestive health, women’s health, brain health, joint health and immune system boosting.

Through this licensing agreement, which is accompanied by the acquisition of a 20% minority stake in My Health, Biocodex intends to reinforce its leadership in microbiota and round out its range of probiotics, such as Ultra Levure® ( drug product for the management of digestive disorders and commercialized in Belgium as Enterol® and Alflorex® which is a dietary supplement, widely known in France and around the world.

On the strength of its recognized expertise among healthcare professionals and its presence in over 100 countries worldwide, Biocodex hopes to make a success of this strategic partnership and significantly accelerate My Health international sales development.

Nicolas Coudurier, CEO of Biocodex, is delighted with the deal: “My Health and Biocodex share a common vision: we are convinced of the key role played by the microbiota in everyone’s health and well-being, and believe that many ailments, particularly in the digestive sphere, can be taken in charge by scientifically based probiotics such as those developed by My Health. I’m looking forward to supporting the development of a promising young company like My Health and continuing to play our part in raising awareness among the general public and healthcare professionals of the growing importance of the microbiota to our health and well-being.”

Raf Dybajlo, CEO of My Health, expresses enthusiasm for the strategic partnership with Biocodex: “I’m honored that My Health’s innovative research and commercial success have been recognized by Biocodex. With our shared vision on the importance of microbiota solutions complemented by a joint dedication to innovation and science, we are excited to bring our expertise for functional dyspepsia to many more countries, and with Biocodex as an expert in microbiota-targeted solutions, we found the perfect international partner to achieve this ambitious goal.”