Our values

Biocodex praises its teams for being the Ambassadors of Biocodex values, that make us evolve individually and collectively. Biocodex teams share common values and make them live as driving forces. They belong to all teams as they were created by them. They are rooted in Biocodex DNA.

Biocodex’s values

Woman looking at glass flask with clear liquid in a Laboratory

We dare to innovate

Workers in a Storage warehouse

We play collectively

A smiling Family, a husband, wife, grandmother, two daughters

We shape fair relations

A Doctor speaking with a businessman

We care for our ecosystem

These four values ​​are our ambitious driving forces.

They reflect our ambition and our desire to evolve for the years to come.

They are designed for all BIOCODEX employees and for all of our stakeholders. All together, we are able to invest, develop, seize opportunities, bring in new talents because we deeply believe that tomorrow is an opportunity.