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CSR Priorities

As a pharmaceutical company, our first duty is to serve patients with high quality, safe products while ensuring transparency in our relationships with healthcare professionals. However, our responsibility goes beyond legal compliance. In the face of the climate urgency, we are accelerating our environmental transition to improve our ecological footprint across the value chain. We are convinced that the major environmental and social challenges of the coming decades can be resolved by new ways of working (eco-design, sustainable purchase, open innovation…) as well as effective cooperation with our ecosystem, including our main competitors!  

Biocodex’s key CSR initiatives

At Biocodex, we believe that every little helps and we can reduce our impact on the environment by improving our processes and the way we do business. That is why we have introduced innovative ways of monitoring our business that measure the benefits for the planet and resonate with our values.

Life cycle assessment

For our main key products like Saforelle® and Ultra Levure®, we are now using life cycle assessment methodology to identify where we can reduce our environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and waste… This is a powerful way to increase Biocodex’s eco-design mindset and boost teams’ ability to deliver more eco-friendly products and solutions. 

Plastic substitution and transparency

Biocodex has joined forces with two major international consortia to achieve two important goals in the cosmetics industry: plastic substitution and transparency. 

Pulp in action

This collaborative R&D program invites global cosmetic industry leaders to replace plastic packaging with cellulosic fiber.


More than 50 cosmetic leaders are designing an evaluation and rating tool to help consumers make more sustainable choices.

Biocodex’s commitments video

Meet Biocodex’s CSR commitments
Murielle BLANC

Murielle BLANC

Vice-President CSR at BIOCODEX

The CSR team aims to carry out a continuous acculturation of Biocodex people on environmental and societal stakes. I have to say we meet a very strong engagement from our colleagues around the world: we empower them with CSR knowledge and means to adapt and transform their business behaviour.