Our Responsibility

Acting responsibly

Biocodex conducts research, designs, manufactures, promotes and sells healthcare products for patients and consumers. As a global corporation, our activity complies with regulations, inspections and authorizations in all our countries to guarantee product quality, safety and efficacy. Through our CSR approach, we aim to produce health solutions in the most responsible and sustainable ways, day after day.

Biocodex’s quality policy

Glass beaker with Biocodex capsule bottle

Each of our employees is committed to their role in the industrial chain that supplies Biocodex products to the public. In other words, they are aware of their important contribution to a global organization with a wide range of capabilities and fully integrated processes. To ensure that we work together efficiently as a team, our standard operating procedures detail the daily responsibilities and tasks of everyone involved.

Based on local regulations and Biocodex global quality policy, these span the entire product life cycle, from discovery, control, purchasing and production to accounting sales management, promotion and support services.

Further, we continually improve our global quality policy to commit to excellence and provide the best possible products to patients worldwide.