Our Responsibility

Acting Responsibly

Biocodex as a global corporation, conducts research, designs, manufactures, promotes and sells medicinal products and health products for the benefit of the patients and consumers. Biocodex activity is subject to regulations, inspections and authorisations granted by national competent authorities aiming at ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of our products. Through our CSR approach, we aim to produce health solutions in the most responsible and sustainable ways, day after day.

Biocodex quality policy

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Each corporate employee is committed to the accomplishment of the responsibilities of his/her position in the industrial chain that supplies Biocodex products to the public. This job is not individual but belongs to a more global organization which covers various areas of capabilities and requires fully integrated processes. There are Standard Operating Procedures describing daily responsibilities and tasks of everyone within the transversal processes.

Local pharmaceutical and related regulations are the root of Biocodex Global Quality Policy which is based on Standard Operating Procedures, and encompass products life cycle from discovery to control, from purchasing to accounting, from production to sales management, from promotion to support services.

Biocodex commits to excellence by the achievement, the maintenance, and the continuous improvement of its Global Quality Policy to provide the best products to their users.