Who we are

A specialty pharmaceutical company with a global reach and a rich heritage

Biocodex is an independent multinational pharmaceutical company built on high-standards science and manufacturing, with six decades of proven success.

Founded in 1953, the company’s initial focus was gastroenterology featuring a unique probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745®, the first probiotic drug of its kind that has a positive effect on the gut’s microflora.

Today, Biocodex has transformed itself beyond its probiotic drug roots, expanding its portfolio into numerous therapeutic areas which include:

  • Gastroenterology

  • Pain management

  • Neurology/Psychiatry

  • Otolaryngology

  • Rheumatology

More recently, Biocodex has launched a sport food supplement range : Stimium®.


Years of Successful Partnerships with an Emphasis on Excellence

Biocodex is a health care company with the mission of providing good quality products and service to our worldwide partners and ultimately patients, while at the same time remaining humble and responsible, ensuring that every aspect of our business is conducted with integrity.

Our ambition is to develop and supply physicians and other health care providers, products that enhance health and quality of life.  The key to our success is our anticipation of the latest health trends; developing meaningful solutions that improve patient lives.

Acting together; being partner-focused; committing to excellence; maintaining high moral standards; thinking for tomorrow.

Our collective journey: from research, manufacturing, to our subsidiaries and partners, we are constantly striving to provide superior health care solutions with optimal balance between efficacy and safety.

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Global presence

An international leader in healthcare with a powerful global presence

Today, Biocodex has successfully grown into a multinational, research and development, manufacturing, and commercial company operating in over 100 countries.

With its head office in France, Biocodex operates with international subsidiaries in Belgium, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, United States, Mexico, Canada and Portugal.

The Biocodex portfolio of products can be found on 5 continents via a network of wholly owned subsidiaries, licensees, distributors and licensed retailers.

Research & Development

Biocodex operates its own research and development center, housing a diverse team of scientific researchers with a vast array of experience. Our scientific teams frequently partner with major universities and research organizations worldwide and are continually involved with some of the most provocative research in medicine today.

The research center is driven by the following mission:

  • To further develop and perfect our existing portfolio of products by developing new dosage forms and delivery strategies, researching the expansion of existing indications, and modifying methods and formulations to adequately adapt to new market opportunities

  • To scientifically investigate and improve on our legacy portfolio of products to make them useful to the modern health care market.

  • To continue a journey of seeking out API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) through fundamental scientific research and development (e.g. antiepileptic drug stiripentol, of which the conditional approval originally given to Diacomit® was switched to full European Marketing Authorisation in 2014).


Biocodex is committed to preservation of the external environment and development of the internal human ressources.

We recognise that we are an industrial enterprise whose activities can have an impact on the environment and its people, however we will always strive to make a positive difference to limit this. 

  • Promote positive corporate stewardship.

  • Develop and promote safe, eco-responsible practices and technologies (like cutting waste).

  • Work with all types of partners and stakeholders.


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