About Us

Our governance

Biocodex has two governing bodies: a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. Jean-Marie Lefèvre is Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Nicolas Coudurier is our Chief Executive Officer.

Board of directors

The Board of Directors plays a prominent role in Biocodex’s governance. Nine directors, including two independent board members and seven family shareholders, oversee the company’s interests. 

Jean-Marie Lefèvre

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biocodex

Jean-Marie Lefèvre was CEO of Biocodex between 2002 and 2020. A graduate of France’s Ecole Centrale with an INSEAD Executive MBA, he began his career as a strategic consultant at Boston Consulting Group.

After several years at LVMH Group, he was asked by Biocodex’s family shareholders to foster the company’s international development, taking over from father-in-law and founder Michel Hublot.

Jean-Marie Lefèvre is now Chairman of the Board.

Members of Biocodex’s Board of Directors

  • François Hublot: Family Board Member 
  • Habib Ramdani: Independent Board Member of Biocodex and current CFO of Virbac 
  • Jean Zetlaoui: Independent Board member, Consultant in medical sciences and clinical development and former Chief Scientific Officer of Novartis Pharma France 
  • Anne-Laure Deschamps: Family Board Member 
  • Séverine Tripard: Family Board Member 
  • Cyril Hublot: Family Board Member 
  • Thomas Hublot: Family Board Member 
  • Laure Lefèvre: Family Board Member

Executive committee

The CEO and its Executive Committee are responsible for co-defining with the Board of Directors the group’s strategy and its implementation. The CEO and Executive Committee are also in charge of day-to-day management of the group’s business.