About Us

Our mission

Since 1953, Biocodex teams have been passionately committed to a single mission: providing innovative healthcare solutions to women, men and children worldwide.

Biocodex’s mission

As an international pharmaceutical company, our mission at Biocodex is to improve the health and well-being of women and men worldwide through our three main areas of expertise: microbiota care, women’s health and orphan diseases.

In addition to offering innovative products and solutions, we are dedicated to advancing scientific research, and using our expert knowledge for the benefit of all.

We strive to meet this ongoing challenge by taking a responsible and sustainable approach.

Biocodex’s mission in pictures

In less than two minutes, discover Biocodex group’s corporate movie describing our mission and our ambitions for our three areas of expertise: microbiota care, women’s health, orphan diseases.

Biocodex’s mission in pictures

Biocodex’s ambitions

We have specific ambitions in each of our three main areas of expertise.

Microbiota care

As a pioneer in the use of probiotics for therapeutic purposes, we aim to become the leader in microbiota care.

Women’s health

As a pioneer in intimate hygiene products for women, and a leader in France and Belgium, we aim to continue supporting women daily, throughout the world and at every stage of life.

Orphan diseases

Because we are aware of the difficulties faced by patients and families confronted with rare and serious diseases, we aim to offer effective and innovative treatments.

Our teams are committed to improving healthcare solutions day after day, constantly listening to the needs of health care professionals, of our partners, customers and patients worldwide.