About Us

Our governance

Biocodex has two governing bodies: a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. Jean-Marie Lefèvre is Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Nicolas Coudurier is our Chief Executive Officer.

Biocodex’s Board of Directors

Composed of nine directors, including two independent board members and seven family shareholders, the Board of Directors protects the company’s interests. 

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Jean-Marie Lefèvre

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biocodex

Jean-Marie Lefèvre was CEO of Biocodex between 2002 and 2020. A graduate of France’s Ecole Centrale with an INSEAD Executive MBA, he began his career as a strategic consultant at Boston Consulting Group.

After several years at LVMH, he was asked by Biocodex’s family shareholders to foster the company’s international development, taking over from his father-in-law, Biocodex founder Michel Hublot.

Other members of the Board of Directors

  • François Hublot: Family Board Member 
  • Habib Ramdani: Independent Board Member and CFO of Virbac 
  • Jean Zetlaoui: Independent Board member, Consultant in medical sciences and clinical development and former Chief Scientific Officer of Novartis Pharma France 
  • Anne-Laure Deschamps: Family Board Member 
  • Séverine Tripard: Family Board Member 
  • Cyril Hublot: Family Board Member 
  • Thomas Hublot: Family Board Member 
  • Laure Lefèvre: Family Board Member

Biocodex’s Executive Committee

Led by he CEO, the Executive Committee is responsible for co-defining Biocodex’s strategy and its implementation with the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is also in charge of managing the company’s business day to day.